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Kimberly Strange 

Registered Counselling Therapist

(902) 225-4970​

Seeking counselling is one way to explore the relationship between your thoughts and emotions.  Your thoughts and emotions are critical to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

I am committed to a life of learning about myself and others. I believe we are all on a journey toward whatever it is that brings peace and joy into our daily lives. As a Counselling Therapist, my job is to help you discover what it is you need and most often, already know within. Together, we can uncover the tools, strategies and resources that will assist in increasing your sense of well being and self-compassion. We will also spend some time uncovering your strengths and examples of your resiliency. It is often an act of courage to reach out for counselling help, that's part of your resiliency.

The theme of care is woven throughout my personal life and career. I have extensive experience working with children and youth with diverse challenges and strengths in their abilities and learning styles. My areas of interest and ways to help individuals of all ages is grounded in providing a safe and supportive environment to allow your desires for change to become a reality.

The modalities I utilize within the therapeutic relationship depend on your story and what we uncover together.